Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Message from Ferny Regarding the Raiders' 2009 First Round Draft Pick



Blacky said...

I was listening to Steve Hartman earlier this week and he talked about the 1985 draft, back when he worked for the Raiders.

The 49ers traded ahead of the Raiders and drafted Jerry Rice. The Raiders ended up drafting the super-fast Jesse Hester, a receiver with inconsistent hands. When Hartman asked if they would have taken Rice if he were available the Raiders told him they would have gone with Hester either way because he "fit the 'vertical passing game'" Al Davis so dearly loves.

Matt Millen would have made the right choice, how sad is that?

The other pride of inglewood said...

The only good thing about the raider draft was that Usian Bolt wasnt available for Al Davis to draft and be an even bigger laughing stock. When DHB has his name called by Roger Goodell and Michael Crabtree is shown laughing his balls off its not a good sign. I think the back of Heyward-bey's jersey should read "James Jett 2.0" Its gonna fun wearing my raiders jersey this season.