Monday, September 21, 2009

An Abbreviated Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

For the past few days I've been cruising along enjoying Batman: Arkham Asylum on the new PS3. I'm only at 26% completion, but the game has been filled with challenging puzzles, intricate scenery, clever dialogue, stellar voice overs, stealth missions, weapon upgrades, and the best animated combat scenes I've ever seen. It's too bad that I'll never be able to post an entire review of the game since it looks like I'll be stuck forever at 26%.

I've got three words for all of you: Cryptographic Range Amplifier. Cryptographic Range Amplifiers are the reason why I give up so easily on video games like this.

I entered the mission of apprehending Harley Quinn on a positive note. I figured out I had to zip line to the next level and avoid electrocution, took out about ten bad guys, crushed two insane patients, and made my way into the area where Harley Quinn was hiding behind bullet-proof glass. With two security guards dangling above pools of water with electric sparks flying everywhere the mission was obvious: turn off the power, kill the sparks, cut down the guards and continue on. One problem: I do not have a Cryptographic Range Amplifier.

According to my endless google searches, I was supposed to pick up this Cryptographic Range Amplifier upgrade way back in the beginning of the mission where, before you kill all the hoodlums, you're supposed to let one of them open up some supply cabinet thing so you can find the upgrade. Now honestly, how the fuck am I supposed to know that? When I see bad guys flying at me I'm not worrying about some closed supply cabinet doors and an upgrade I didn't even know I needed. Why am I punished for being awesome and killing bad guys too quickly? How the fuck does that work?

So, if anyone can help me do what's in the picture above (and at the 3:57 mark of this video) and turn off the power from far away without the
Cryptographic Range Amplifier upgrade please let me know. If there's a way I can go back and get it, I'd love to know that too. Let's save my PS3 from ending up on eBay and help a brother out.


Update: It took forever but I was able to pass this part without the Cryptographic Range Amplifier and am now at 27% completion.


Anonymous said...

oh man i want to get a ps3 of my own just so i can play batman! my brother in-law and my friend roque have already passed the game. you can ask them for some help. they really wouldnt mind. theyre both big gamers and nerds. you can find them on my twitter page. ebolaboi= roque; garvatron= marvin.

*ps im sooo jealous of you and your system.

Anonymous said...

you dont get it there, you get it where you leave the warden in the cell. With all the crazy inmates. It's the last thing you get if i remember correctly

discostu668 said...

if you have any tips on how to get past that part without the sequence upgrade, that would be amazing. i was stupid and didn't take the upgrade when i had the chance. now i'm stuck without it and no other means to gain experience for another upgrade. the only thing i can think of is to jump into the water and try to quickly deactivate the control gate, but while i have been successful at deactivating it, i die from electrocution right as the camera is panning away after completing the task.