Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Season: Living With Replays & Highlights

Western Kentucky Hilltopper mascot Big Red lives in your nightmares.

There's no football team I root for passionately any more. The Cowboys owned my interest in the 90s and I joked about being a Notre Dame fan for obvious reasons, but since 2002 I can't say I have a team. No older brothers meant no Raider, Rams, Trojan, or Bruin love. While your older brothers were telling you tales of Jim Plunkett and Marcus Allen my older sister was making me watch The Dark Crystal for a third time.

Now I just root for a good game, gamble when appropriate, and join fantasy leagues to exercise my clever team name ideas (See: OchoCincoDeMayo, DelhommeBoys, FarOffFavre, RomoArigato, [Washington] PotatoSkins, etc;). I played football, collected football cards, bought football jerseys. The game gets more exciting every year.

Because of my working situation over the last four and a half years I'm usually left with watching the replays from all the weekend games, which is hit an miss. It's great getting a summary of all the blow outs but watching the highlights to a close game that gets decided in the last 10 minutes is upsetting, like today's USC/Ohio State and UCLA/Tennessee games.

The good news is I'm off this coming Monday and there's a good six hours of NFL I can subject myself to courtesy of a double-header.

I am ready for some football.

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