Monday, September 28, 2009

Panic Switch

It took nine innings but the Dodgers finally moved a run in courtesy of a Chin-lung Hu sacrifice fly. Here is the reaction from IEC contributor Danny regarding the 11-1 Dodger loss to the Pirates: Wow.

I was ready to write a sarcastic blog about this being the time to panic since Blake and Manny both have tender hamstrings, Ronnie Belliard tweaked his groin, Broxton blew it yesterday, and Jason Repko isn't getting enough playing time. That post was going to feature an embedded link of the Silversun Pickups music video for Panic Switch until I actually watched the video and saw that the lead singer is a dude. He sure fooled me. Also, I liked the song at first listen a while back and now that I've revisited it can assure you this band is dead to me. And speaking of relatively new music I'm exposing myself to for no reason, why I bought this Queens of the Stoneage album Era Vulgaris (I'm a douche) is beyond me. Two, maybe three tracks are tolerable, that's it.

Finally, here is video of Jason Repko throwing a runner out at the plate.

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