Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott Eric Weinger

By the show's end, D.J. is eighteen years old and a senior in high school. In the final episode, she is going to her prom, but the date Kimmy had arranged for her wasn't able to make it. D.J. is disappointed, thinking she is going to miss the prom, but Kimmy surprises her with another date she managed to scrounge up. D.J. is afraid to ask who it is, but at that moment, Steve walks in, dressed in a tux and ready to go. D.J. happily runs to him and they hug. Both say they have missed each other and share a kiss. It's unknown whether or not the two of them got back together.

Happy 34th Birthday Steve. Nelson meant nothing to DJ.


Anonymous said...

all hail the king of nerds!

The other pride of inglewood said...

You got it dude!!!