Sunday, November 14, 2010

Psychobilly Sweet Tooth: Introduction

I asked Mike, the head of IEC, if I could first write an introductory piece for my column. The reason was simple - I didn’t have enough time to think of something to review or write about so I needed a professional way to cop out.

However, in my bi-monthly column I will bring you a review of various candy found in stores, some rare, some not. Candy is a big part of my life, be it chocolate bars or lifesavers. The various fillings in my mouth, and the root canal I’ll be getting soon could tell you all about it. It’s sad, but toothpaste and floss can only do so much when you eat sweets like I do. It’s similar to that of a four year old without any parental supervision.

I would like to describe and inform you on all my favorite candy out there, and also tell you what to stay away from. There is also plenty of new items popping up in 711s every other week that are either worth trying, or just a bunch pretzels and nougat smashed together in a shitty chocolate casing.

Will each candy column degenerate into a rant about politics, baseball, and why you should be watching Mad Men? Yeah, probably. Will my eventual case of diabetes cause my column to come to an end? Absolutely. But for the time being, we’ll enjoy a weekly dose of Psychobilly Sweet Tooth.


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